F56 Digital Experience

Application & Real-Time Reaction Classroom Challenge

When MINI releases a new MINI it's a BIG deal.  The all-new MINI Cooper, code-name F56, took over the Pomona Fairplex in California to give MINI sales associates a chance to get up to speed with the new MINI.  MINI wanted an integrated digital solution for the full-lifecycle of the event from registration to post-event follow-up.


As much fun as it is to register for an event online (sarcasm) I wanted to give it a shot at making it a little less painful.  Registrants entered their MINI-dealer emails and were cross-referenced with a national database of MINI associates.  Not on the list?  Sorry, you're not getting in.  Those lucky MINIites that could attend were then asked their favorite MINI color and to pick a racer number.  This combination was then thrown into a programmatically-generated racing badge that would come in handy later on in the experience.

Registering months before the event and waiting anxiously was rough!  To ease the pain, I created an app that has all the information you'd need to keep you up to date on F56 happenings.  This app was frequently updated with new content, before, during, and after the event.

The event has arrived and now it's time to learn about all the new F56.  With all the excitement MINI associates may have overlooked one minor detail: sitting in a classroom for hours a day, three days in a row when you've been out of school for 10 years may not be the easiest of tasks.  To keep participants engaged, a real-time classroom question and answer system was integrated into the coursework encouraging camaraderie and eyelid separation.  

The real-time learning and participation platform consisted of two large displays per classroom - one for course content, the other hosted a class leaderboard. Who answered the fastest with the most correct answers?  The one who will get back to the office with the most bragging rights that's who.

MINI loved the thinking behind this and the final product will be reused for future events.