Samsung Fashion Facade

Video Installation Experience

33,177,600 pixels to be exact.  Samsung wanted to show what their displays are capable of in a retail environment so we came up with multi-monitor mock-up storefront to show them off.  Located at Samsung HQ in New Jersey, the retail space vignette was transformed into a fun and sophisticated women's clothing store, showing visitors the creative possibilities of integrated displays.

Presto!  You’re now a fashion mogul!

Samsung has yet to venture into a fully-fledged fashion factory so we had to come up with a brand and identity for them – and quick.  We created an identity with a nod towards Samsung’s translation “three stars”.  I created a throwback logo in addition to various contemporary treatments. 

An engaging blend of 3d and 2d graphics brought the virtual storefront to life.  This layout illustrates the front facade of the retail installation.

Diverse, well-animated content showed not only the visual appeal of the displays and demonstrated the possibilities of instant advertising and feedback for shoppers.

Everything came together perfectly.  Not bad for 4 days of work.

Agency: Truth in Advertising