Medal of Honor: Warfighter Global Warning

Companion App

After a few brief yet overwhelmingly intense minutes of gameplay, Medal of Honor: Warfighter makes it easy to lose yourself and become immersed in the heat of battle.  And although you’re safe behind the warm glow of your display, others around the world aren’t so safe from the warm glow behind a live Hellreign missile about to strike.  Electronic Arts wanted to bring awareness to the reality of global warfare, upon which is the game’s concept.  In this effort, viewers world-wide were encouraged to speak their minds about current global conflicts via Twitter hashtag #globalwarning. 



Electronic Arts created a promotion codename: Project Honor, a non-profit campaign to raise money for the families of fallen special ops soldiers.  As a beacon of awareness to the Project Honor campaign, the Global Warning Companion App served as a knowledge base, sounding board, and social hub for users to donate to this great cause.

Using the Twitter API and geolocation data, we were able to plot on the globe where a specific user was tweeting from using #globalwarning.  Current events were populated daily by moderators and showed up on the globe instantaneously, keeping content fresh and inciting more conversation.