"Really, Really Sharp Razors for All*"

Dollar Shave Club Vending Concept

Teaming up once again with Zoom Systems we came up with this hip vending machine concept for Dollar Shave Club. "Manly" materials such as raw wood, accent-stitched leather and laser-cut aluminum lettering make this machine a testament to testosterone.

*Except Maybe for children and animals with non-opposable thumbs.

The asymmetrical design and simple facade help detract from the vending machine's typically robotic look.

Adding to the experience, we developed a "Razor Test Drive" concept using a live camera and touch screen.  Users would take a picture, be transformed into a grizzly beast, then be given the opportunity to virtually shave off their recently-acquired facial mane.  Aftershave comes in the form of a before and after printed photo along with a call to action to purchase razors at the machine or online.