Love Santa Monica

Virtual Mural App & Trade Show Booth

For INK Agency, when it came to fostering excitement for travelers to visit Santa Monica, they felt an image was worth 1000 words - so we made that happen, literally.  Using word art generated from potential visitor's personal interests, we worked together to design a trade show booth and integrated app/mural experience.

These were a few of the concepts of the booth early on.  They loved the bench and pier idea, but due to space and budget considerations they didn't make it into the final version.

Here's the layout of the final booth (with the exception of the life guard tower as we weren't able to get our hands on it in time for the show).

Each Santa Monica associate had an iPad and encouraged tradeshow-goers to create their own piece of word art on the iPad.  Their art then was pushed to a large display showing off their 'mural' to the massive amount of foot traffic around the booth, drawing even more people in to create their art and learn more about what Santa Monica has to offer.

Just a  sample of the 100's of unique word art that was generated over the course of the event.

Santa Monica loved the booth design, the app, and the mural artwork.  They even have incorporated the resultant work art into their print and advertising materials.